Dry Car Wash Machine

Dry Car Wash Machines

 Dry Car Wash Machines

Since 2010, we have been manufacturing and selling steam auto machines with CE certificates owned by our company. For many years, we have been the leader in the sector with the usefulness, durability and satisfaction of our customers.
Some of the companies that made production without going through any state control derived from new names made bad comments about our company
Our company is manufacturing with a single CE certificate in Turkey, you are in the responsibility of making statements to its customers.
Scw-01 Scw-02 Scw-3 Scw-04 The production of our steam engines in Scw-05 code is done by our company. We should mention to our valued customers that the industry is not kept, untrusted, constantly complain to the words of unfounded companies do not respect the words because quality is never a coincidence.

We thank you for choosing us and our machines and you are always behind us.
To buy a product just by looking at the price, some cheats are to accept in advance!

  • Dry Car Wash Machines Considerations
    * The quality of the materials used (stainless) and their thickness (risk of explosion if material is thin and quality is low.)
    * Brand of electrical material used in the machine (Chinese materials do not rely on heat)
    * Are the safety valves used to withstand the pressure? (If the material is not made of steel, it causes vapor entrapment. It misses steam.)
    *Dry Car Wash Machines  Do not count the number of guns of the machine. What is important is that guns can operate simultaneously. If KW is low, you will not have the chance to use the guns indicated at the same time.
    * According to the machine liters, the thickness of the material used in the machine, the number of electric kw and pistol changes.
    * Never get 10 bar steam pressure from 220 Kw electric machines. The largest KW of 220 electric machines is 5 KW. The pressure from the 5 KW machine does not exceed .7.5 bar and 120 degrees Celsius. This type of machine is weak in engine cleaning and external washing of the vehicle.
    * No vacuuming feature in high pressure steam machines. Because the machine’s heat is high causes the engines of the broom to burn. Vacuum machines have low steam temperature and pressure. Dry Car Wash Machines, Due to this low, you have less chance of getting the performance from the machines.
    * Steam machines (applicable to each product) low-quality and low-performance machines can not get a chance to yield.
    * Dry Car Wash Machines, Some companies say they are producers in the market. They say that they produce all the machines themselves. Please ask for the CE certificate, ISO certificate from the companies you meet.
    * Dry Car Wash Machines, For products without CE certificate, you cannot benefit from the warranty.


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