Eco car wash machine price

Eco car wash machine price

 Eco car wash machine price  


SCW, steam car wash machine, thanks to the number of applications used, reliable, high-quality materials use is important. SCW steam washing performs perfectly in cleaning different types of surfaces. It can be used for cleaning not only cars and floors, but also furniture, industrial machines, engines, planes and even electronic machine parts. It will be equally efficient on large surfaces, such as glass installations in shopping areas and when cleaning indoor areas such as restaurants or shops. It can clean and disinfect food processing equipment and machines more effectively than pressure washing or heavy-duty chemicals. The SWC steam machine has recently been tested against the most common hazardous pathogens. SCW, the steam car wash machine not only disinfects but also disinfects chemicals, but also guarantees optimal efficiency without the need for additional use of chemical agents. The versatility of the product goes hand in hand with its mobility. It enables you to reach the location specified by the customer and thus save cost. For example, you do not need to allocate additional funds to rent a business area. This method is one of the fastest, especially when the entire washing process is taken into account, the surfaces are ready to use immediately after finishing the cleaning.

A business that pays attention to the environment and your wallet

The operation of the Eco car wash machine price means that only a small amount of water per cleaning cycle is useful to the natural environment compared to conventional washes. As the device disinfects surfaces with dry steam, it is not necessary to apply additional chemicals that may pollute the environment. Apart from being virtually non-invasive in nature, the SCW steam car wash offers significant cost advantages to the entrepreneur. That is, it helps you avoid compliance with sewer management regulations and the cost of purchasing a storage tank. This not only makes your responsibility eco-responsible and sustainable, but also offers opportunities for cost savings that can be allocated to other business-related investments.

Perfect idea for business

The use of a steam washer at the workplace is backed up by the numerous advantages that the solution allows you to achieve, as well as the specific cost savings it provides. These results from the fact that SCW steam carwash water removes the cost of draining a water and installing a sewage system, while its mobility means you don’t have to rent a business area, which is an expensive and necessary element of most areas. Thus, you do not need to have a large initial fund. You can also apply for non-refundable grants due to the pro-environmental aspect of the initiative and the fact that you do not harm the natural environment. Finally, it is not necessary to obtain special permissions.

Detailed application of Eco car wash machine price

The hot steam produced by the device cleans the surface dust and dirt that disintegrates under high pressure. However, the SCW is also sensitive enough to ensure that no damage to the steam washer, paint or other surfaces occurs. SCW The SCW steam engine, using engines produced by the machine, produces the first professional, SCW machine, special steam washing system for motor vehicles.
In addition to cleaning the vehicle, the SCW steam car wash machine disinfects and renews its interior and the engine’s oily subassemblies – both inside and outside the vehicle. The SCW steam car washers ensure that the components are cleaned carefully and safely. SCW The steam washer operates at a much higher speed than a conventional car wash and also makes it possible to reach holes and jacks that cannot reach existing cleaning systems. Thus, we can be sure that the vehicle is completely cleaned and disinfected.

Greater efficiency at lower cost

The SCW machine, due to the ever increasing competition, should strive to meet the broader expectations of its customers, where time is of the utmost importance. In this context, the advantages of SCW steam washing offer many advantages to both businesses and customers. In particular, the latter saves time and finds the service to be in its own position to be more flexible and very convenient. What’s more, thanks to its mobility, SCW steam washing does not normally create additional costs associated with rental facilities or special permits, which supports rapid business development.

Car wash in a traditional plant consists of five stages, each of which takes time and produces considerably higher costs. On the other hand, a steam wash accelerates the cleaning process without any loss of precision or quality.
In SCW steam washing, cleaning involves only two stages, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required to wash a motorized car. First, the surface of the vehicle is sprayed with hot steam and then used as a micro fiber towel



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