Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine price

Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine

  • Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine

The Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine is a revolutionary new and environmentally friendly steam engine. Using the latest steam technology, the SCW Steam Car Wash Machine can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, oils, odors, and other contaminants on various surfaces. A steam car wash is the process of using steam vapors to clean the outside and inside of a car. For decades the steam has been a critical component of the cleaning industry due to its effectiveness and sterilization power. Today, steam is applied to the car wash sector. The SCW steam engine is leading the first commercial grade steam cleaner specifically designed for car washing. Also an excellent steam engine to add to your graffiti removal arsenal. Optima Steamer is the most revolutionary, most powerful and environmentally friendly steam cleaner on the market today. You can remove the sea water damage accumulated over many years from your luxury yacht, and it can be soft enough to clean your Corvette with less water and better results than ever. The Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine is used to sterilize ambulance fleets, bringing the number of bacteria from 9068 to 124 PPM! This incredible steam cleaner can remove unwanted coloring material from your vehicle even in seconds. Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine is not something that the machine cannot do or clean. Electric Steam Jet Car Wash Machine, you can watch the above cleaning operations in our video.


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