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İndustrial steam cleaner

İndustrial steam cleaner

• Industrial steam cleaner, oven and butcher cleaning machines and showrooms, microbes, bacteria and pathogens are almost completely eliminated by hot water vapor.
• Industrial steam cleaner, Stainless steel surfaces in commercial kitchens, hoods, floors and window surfaces are cleaned with 15 bar. It completely removes fats.
• In the confectionery industry, industrial steam cleaner is successfully used in cleaning machines. In sugar factories, chocolate is easily replaced by hot water vapor. Ideally, the steam cleaner can also be used in ice cream factories and ice cream halls. Here too, the hot steam dispenses from the machines, benches and floors perfectly.
• Industrial steam cleaner, Public places, private land, platforms etc. Makes detailed cleaning. In engineering, steam can also be used for smaller areas and relatively biraz unsafe eler areas, but for larger areas or more contaminated machines, slightly stronger industrial steam cleaners will be used.
• Lubrication and lubrication of workpieces
• In beer and restaurants, the narrow-canal yıkan beer-carrying bira lines can be perfectly washed with the steam engine and thus cleaned.
• Of course, SCW steam machine is very suitable for cleaning all plumbing and objects, but it is an industrial electric steam cleaner, for example, it will absorb loose dirt in the same process, which is preferably the most, SCW – 05 or electrical energy reinforced 20 kw is the machine.
• A positive side effect when cleaning with an industrial steam cleaner protects against expensive cleaning agents


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