Steam Cleaning Machines

Scw – Steam Car Wash Machines

Scw – Steam Car Wash Machines


Environmentally friendly – Scw – Steam car wash machines, Protection of water and environmental resources, deodorization and sterilization without chemicals. With ångmetoden we? Large amounts of wastewater contaminated with the sewage system and chemical substances polluting the environment.

Save water consumption – Water is one of the most valuable sources of human resources, but its accessibility is now threatened by various factors. Water is a finite resource that should not be consumed unnecessarily. If steam cleaning consumes 3 L of water per liter and about 3 liters per vehicle with no flow, the conventional water consumption of the washing systems is about 100-150 l per hour. Due to the lack of waste water, steam cleaners can be used where no running water is available. No special requirements for water consumption are required. Water is a second thought time. Our contribution is to provide the best clean environmentally friendly solution to water pollution.

Scw – Steam car washers, economical – Save time and money for deeper cleaning. Wash more cars in less time with two separate steam outputs. Shorter cleaning times ensure customer satisfaction and clear more vehicles per day.

Deep cleaning – Steam washing has many advantages over conventional cleaning. It can also be cleaned in leather seats, removes odor and also removes nicotine stains and bad odors without using strong chemicals.

Mobility – When we are mobile, you can have your vehicle washed in place and at a convenient time. Thus, you save both time and money.
Flexibility – Mobile steam cleaners can wash more than ordinary vehicles. Because the steam is not corrosive, it is suitable for classic cars, luxury limousines, motorcycles and boats. This safe procedure leaves a non-repellent, light and clean surface.
Scw – Steam car washes, Allergy Limitation- Thermal shock, kills ticks and mites that can hide bacteria, fungi and mites that can be stored in clothes and cause allergic diseases.

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