steam car cleaning equipments

Steam car cleaning equipment

Steam car cleaning equipment

 Steam car cleaning equipment, is a process of using steam to clean the inside and outside of a car in detail. For many years, steam has maintained its leadership in the cleaning industry due to its ability to provide hygiene and disinfect. At the same time, steam has become a growing technology by entering into the car wash industry.

SCW MACHINE of the industrial machine made its first  Steam car cleaning equipment with a single CE production in Turkey is spearheading the industry.

Steam car cleaning equipment by SCW MACHINE is hot and strong enough to dissolve all kinds of stains without the need for chemicals, it provides enough pressure to remove the stains completely and does not damage the surface. Washing in a shorter time than an ordinary water car wash machine, not only to wash your vehicle, but also to sterilize the interior. It makes cleaning the ceiling, floor and engine in the easiest and most harmless way. At the same time you can reach even the narrowest and most remote places you cannot reach with pressure washers.

Our machines are steel casing and valve sections are closed. Italian pistols, Siemens electrical equipment and leakage current relays are used. Eco system and environment are produced in a way that does not harm. Extremely high quality and reliable

 Steam car cleaning equipment,  is the best choice for car cleaning. It cleans the bottom of the machine from the bottom of the machine without any chemical chemicals.

Now that new model brain cars have a lot of electronics in the engine compartment, pressure washes should not be done using high-pressure water. One of the most important features of the SCW steam car wash machine is the apparatus used to clean the motor area. Because steam is hot, it removes grease easily.

Too much dust, dirt, mud accumulating tires can be easily cleaned without using harsh chemicals.

The fuel tank is always slightly lubricated due to the fuel flowing when installing and removing the fuel dispenser in the fuel tank. After a while it becomes dirty and oily. Steam easily removes oil without damaging the paint.

To provide hygienic, easy, harmless and quality cleaning and to reduce chemical, water and electricity consumption. Car steam cleaning equipment

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