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Steam Car Wash System

  • Steam Car Wash System

Save your car for hours by dropping your car cleaning into one single device. The steam car wash system eliminates the need for chemicals and provides effective cleaning for the entire interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Reduce Load

Vehicle washing and detailing equipment costs money, and it is even inevitable to talk about training workers for each part of the equipment. The steam cleaning machine greatly reduces the external washing time that the conventional car wash method generally applies in five stages (rinse, soap, rinse, dry and wax), but with only two steps using a steam car wash system. In the first step, the operator applies steam to the surface of the vehicle and then dries the surface with a micro fiber towel. The second step implements a surface protector.

The revolutionary ecological car wash system with a wide range of applications, deep cleaning and total cleaning, comes with a new and pleasant technology. The solution for dry steam, water saving and environmentally friendly car wash system. Pressure combined with heat creates a strong cleaning solution that dissolves dirt, dirt, oil, tar, bird droppings, and tree essence, which cannot do anything else. Save time and money with a flexible and fast mobile system for a wide variety of applications.

Steam car wash system, no size limitation. Cleaning can be done according to the size and type of the vehicle, even if it is not suitable for normal vehicle washing. It is much less corrosive than steam, water jet or brush cleaning and is therefore suitable for classic cars, luxury limousines, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters without fear of damaging delicate parts.
The steam car wash system is a safe and user-friendly technology and, if used correctly, does not damage the paint in vehicles. Paints for cars are resistant to high weather conditions and are built to withstand extreme cold and temperature. The temperature of the steam running on the surface of the car depends on the distance between the tip of the steam gun and the surface.

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