Steam Cleaning Machines

Steam Cleaning Machine

Steam Cleaning Machine


Steam cleaning machine, harmful rays of the sun, dust grains, salt, air pollution, flying insects, tar road, asbestos on the road, eliminates the vitality and brightness of the outer surface of the car. Normally used, aqueous washing cannot eliminate these adverse effects from the outer surface of the car. However, the SCW Steam Car Wash Machine provides a smooth and smooth appearance, as well as the ability to clean the outer surface of the car without any chemical deterioration, but also as a wax polish.

Provides the possibility of working in steam cleaning. It cleans all car seats, ceilings and floor carpets in a short time.

Since it does not require scrubbing or brushing, it does not spoil the authenticity of leather and fabric upholstery and provides hygienic cleaning.

The steam cleaning machine can be safely used in all plastic and sensitive parts of the vehicle with its low steam temperature technology which can be adjusted in the 80 C -90 C temperature range.

The door provides excellent results in the interior plastic and wicks, ventilation passages in a single pass.

In the normal system, a vehicle’s internal cleaning is completed in 4 hours and the steam machine ends in 1 hour.

Cleaner saves chemical.

The steam dries out much less moisture than water and dries quickly. In winter, it keeps the detailed cleaning market unrivaled.

The steam-detailed cleaning machine is always the most effective method of removing dirt and stain.

Steam Technology gives your business a privilege as it gives excellent results in door hinges, luggage channels and all intermediate areas.




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