Steam Jet Car Wash Machine

Steam Jet Car Wash Machine

                            Steam Jet Car Wash Machine


• Graffiti, which makes unwanted labeling and marking on street posts, bulletin boards and building walls, tends to spread like a virus. It is a great job to remove paint layers and label sheets by a traditional cleaning method that is extremely laborious, difficult and at the same time very inefficient, which usually leaves the surface wet and damaged. The SCW steam car washer has a variety of adhesions available, so take them quickly without consuming too much water and chemicals.

SCW steam cleaning machines clean the graphics and labeling with more water than conventional methods without chemical and intensive brushing. The steam temperature and pressure can be easily disassembled without damaging the original material, and cuts them for faster cleaning.


• A professional cleaning solution to help prevent harmful bacteria
• Bacteria are everywhere, but some areas are more likely to grow harmful bacteria. Dust mites, allergens and bacteria require asylum in your beds and carpets. When you sleep for 8 hours, you are also breathing allergens that can cause asthma. Staphylococcus is the most common in beds. The Daily Mail also reported that UNICEF’s research shows that the armrests are 12 times more polluted than the average toilet seat.

The SCW steam washing machine specializes in deep cleaning, sanitation and deodorization with a chemical-free approach.

Winery and Brewery
• The SCW steam washing machine is ideal for the wine industry, making it simple and efficient throughout the facility.

The real dry steam is steam that can move much faster than liquid water and can be deeply penetrated into mustard areas and the wood pores of drums. This allows for complete sanitation, the killing of Brett, Zygo and tartars as well as numerous other microorganisms.

• – Environmentally friendly solution
• The overall reduction of water in the purge cycle means less waste to the waste water treatment plant or sewer, resulting in additional income opportunities of millions of dollars and savings with low water consumption.

Food processing
• The Steam Jet Car Wash Machine, manufactured by the SCW machine, disinfects and eliminates tehlikeli excessive hot steam “, foodborne hazardous bacteria. Most pathogens are known to be destroyed at 78 ° C. The SCW machine produces continuous hot steam at the nozzle tip of 150 ~ 175 ° C, ensuring complete hygiene of unwanted micro-organisms. The SCW machine is an effective, non-toxin cleaning machine that does not leave any chemical residue and is very good to enter into areas where chemical processes cannot penetrate.

Steam Jet Car Wash Machine, food industry professionals are often in the midst of competing demands for a thorough cleaning cycle and shortening downtime.

The SCW steam washing machine has the ability to quickly remove the soil and provide a sanitized surface throughout the production process without a large interruption or thorough cleaning associated with more conventional wet cleaning of such equipment.

• Steam Jet Car Wash Machine, food contact surfaces such as conveyor belts, cracks, seals and dead areas, areas that are difficult to clean and sterilized, may contain biofilms. Bacterial cells in biofilms may be 500 times more resistant to sanitation chemicals from free-flowing or suspended cells of the same species.

SCW steam cleaning machines have the ability to quickly remove difficult animals, foodstuffs and food pathogens from surfaces and equipment.

Vehicle Steam

• SCW The steam produced by the machine is hot enough to remove any grease and dirt, and produces sufficient pressure to effectively break down dirt, dust and sludge. In a shorter time than a conventional car wash, the SCW steam car washer does not only wash your vehicle but also sterilizes it indoors and regenerates the oily engine parts. In addition, SCW can reach the narrowest areas and connecting parts, which are not fully accessible with the pressurized steam car washer.
• SCW steam car washer has been scientifically proven to kill all known bacteria and mold. Steam cleaning offers you the most rigorous work. Did you know that microscopic parasites are found in all textiles and fabrics in cars? SCW With steam cleaning, you can rest assured that your vehicle is free from mites, parasites and other allergens.
• Thanks to the SCW steam cleaning system, you can easily remove the compound in the narrowest cracks. The SCW Steam Car Wash can wash not only the exterior of a vehicle, but also the engine compartments, lower parts and even the interior.


 Steam Car Wash Machine

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