Car wash machine

Steam pressure washer for cars

Steam pressure washer for cars

Steam pressure washer for cars, is the most efficient and safest method for cleaning automotive surfaces, as these machines eliminate any risk associated with damaging vehicle surfaces and components.

Any steam car wash system used in auto detailing must have a pressure level at or below 1500 psi. Conventional pressure washers with pressure levels above this level can damage the vehicle’s painted exterior. In addition, dry vapor steam cleaners may also damage vehicle exteriors, as they require constant wiping which may damage paint. As such, a portable steam car washer machine with high steam temperatures up to 330°F and pressure levels at or below 1500 psi is the ideal piece of equipment for any auto detailing professional.

Steam pressure washer for cars 140 derece is a robust, low moisture steam car wash machine designed to quickly dissolve the most stubborn residues on vehicle exterior surfaces with high temperature steam up to 300°F, blasting these deposits away with pressure levels of 1000 psi. Requiring no wiping or excessive pressure levels for cleaning, this steam car wash system cleans without damaging any vehicle surfaces. Bugs, mud, grease, oil, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and more can be readily removed with the Scw, steam car wash machine. This portable steam car wash machine model is electric powered, propane heated and configured for 220 V, 50 Hz power requirements. Other power configurations are available.

The SCW Makina is a highly powerful, industrial/commercial, low-moisture steam mobile car wash machine designed for car detailing applications. This commanding car detailing machine offers:

220V- 50 Hz engine
An astounding1.1 GPM, for efficient, low-flow cleaning that will not harm vehicle surfaces
Steam temperatures up to 140ºF
The Scw makina is the perfect mobile car wash machine to:

Clean engines
Remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs, salt, grease, oil, tree sap and more
Even melt ice and snow!
This powerful mobile car wash machine is one-of-a-kind in its ability to provide power and efficiency without the risk of damaging vehicle surfaces. Steam pressure washer for cars, is safe for virtually all vehicle surfaces, including: engines, wheels, car exteriors, glass and more. Let’s compare to other methods of car detailing:

Conventional Pressure Washers

Additionally, Scw Makina mobile car wash machines do not require the use of chemicals in car detailing. The power of this mobile car wash machine is all that is needed to melt away dirt and other substances.

Steam pressure washer for cars

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