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Steam Seat Wash Machines

Steam Seat Wash Machines


Steam Seat Wash Machines, The Steam Seat Washing Machine is one of the most useful electrical machinery systems today. DANGEROUS!


If you want to use Steam Car Wash Systems. First of all you will get a CE certificate. The CE Certificate will show that a machine complies with the European Standards and the machine is manufactured to the extent that you can use and benefit from it. In Turkey, the first and only company to receive this certificate Our Steam Car Wash

He’s qualified. If you prefer the companies that do not have CE certificate, your life and property safety is not protected!


Steam Seat Wash Machines, You will save 97% of the water you will spend in wet washing. (Water wash average: 70-80 Lt. Steam Car Wash 3-5 Lt)
When you do steam washing in 1 hour, while cleaning your outside car, you spend 3-4 hours in a watery wash. Why spend extra time?
No brushing required! In this way, the seats of the cars are not damaged, do not wear.
Steam cleaning is hygienic.
The steam provides a smooth, vivid and brighter appearance to the vehicle’s paint.
Provides cleanliness that you can never get in wet washing.

CE Certificate (Compliance with European Standards)
Inside 10 Ml bombe boiler
Inner-exterior washing with two tools at the same time (no energy loss)
Tank capacity up to 33 Lt
15 kw machine Steam Seat Wash Machines, is both dry steam. (Provides special cleaning for dry steam electronics and breastplate.)
Stainless steel boiler
The brand of electrical equipment used in the machine. Siemens (Chinese materials not based on heat)
The quality (stainless) and thickness of the materials used. (Risk of explosion if material is thin and quality is low.)





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