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Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine

Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine

Greater efficiency at lower cost

The SCW machine, due to the ever increasing competition, should strive to meet the broader expectations of its customers, where time is of the utmost importance. In this context, the advantages of SCW steam washing offer many advantages to both businesses and customers. In particular, the latter saves time and finds the service to be in its own position to be more flexible and very convenient. What’s more, thanks to its mobility, SCW steam washing does not normally create additional costs associated with rental facilities or special permits, which supports rapid business development.

Car wash in a traditional plant consists of five stages, each of which takes time and produces considerably higher costs. On the other hand, a steam wash accelerates the cleaning process without any loss of precision or quality.
Steam Vapor The Auto Wash Machine contains only two stages of cleaning, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required to wash a motorized car. First, the surface of the vehicle is sprayed with hot steam and then dried using a micro fiber towel. The second last step consists in applying a protective agent to the dye. Fast, simple and effective. And also because of this safe, only high-pressure method, the risk of damaging the paint is quite small in the case of chemical products used in conventional car washes. In addition, SCW steam washing water makes saving possible. Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine, Consumption is significantly smaller than traditional cleaning techniques.

To summarize: SCW steam washer is the perfect tool for automatic detailing services, as it can handle a large number of applications. To this extent, it provides high professional efficiency that accelerates the cleaning process and helps to optimize the entire service costs when contrasted with a water car wash. Finally, it is a highly effective solution. It provides a high level of service quality with an excellent visual effect with careful cleaning of paint, flooring and other vehicle components. To be honest, a comprehensive and safe cleaning package is what motorists want and desire.

Total Package

Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine is the first commercial grade steam cleaner specifically designed for car washing. SCW The steam car washer produced by the machine is warm enough to remove any grease and soil, produces enough pressure to break the dirt and is too soft to damage the surface. In less time than a traditional car wash, the SCW steam car washer washes the vehicle thoroughly, as well as sterilizing the interior and regenerating the oily engine parts. It can even reach the narrowest areas and connecting parts that cannot be fully accessible with the pressure washer.
We have a variety of accessories to complement your mobile car wash; an elongated luster is formed from the elongated length hoses and guns, as it destroys hard lime.

Revolutionary Cleaning System

Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine allow you to clean almost anything and everywhere. Our dry steam cookers offer the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method compared with traditional cleaning methods; The SCW machine vapor is ideal as it cannot withstand most wastewater, abundance of chemicals and the resulting downtime. SCW steam engines can be used to wipe graffiti, to eliminate infestations, to alleviate mold, to remove gums and to remove surface stains during sanitation. Windows, floors, walls, ceilings, skirting boards, toilets, kitchens, commercial equipment, restoration can be used to be more hygienic.
Sanitation for the whole plant Our SCW Steamer machines are commercial and industrial quality, allowing you to complete the most demanding cleaning tasks quickly and easily. Dry steam contains less moisture than conventional boiler systems and pressure washers, and removes those sensitive and hard-to-reach areas with the least amount of moisture. The steam that reaches 212ºF melts and cleans and keeps the grease, oil and dirt outlet surfaces dry. For commercial kitchens, fryers, preparation tables, grills, washing areas, hoods, you can easily use our steam cookers and walk in the freezer to protect and maintain equipment. The Steam Vapor Auto Wash Machine, helps to clean and remove food preparation surfaces and equipment without the use of harmful chemicals.

More Green, Light, Stronger

SCW steam washing machine, Tile and mortar cleaning is important, but bacteria are the most frequently overlooked cleaning area that can easily accommodate mold problems. Mortar, harmful microbes, dirt, oil, stains and molds can accumulate and lead to bad odors and deterioration of indoor air quality



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