steam wash machine

Steam Washing Machine

Steam Washing Machine

Car Engine Cleaning With Steam Washing Machine. Steam is very effective in removing the accumulated oil from the vehicle engine as well as the cleaning done in the least amount of water consumption without damaging the car engine components (cable, ms brain, electronics). What can you do with a steam cleaning machine? Car wash industry Oto

What can you do with a steam washing machine?

Steam washing machine, car washing industry, hygienic cleaning of the vehicle, hairdresser, engine cleaning, seat fabric cleaning
Steam washing machine, hygienic cleaning of water reservoirs and water tanks
Steam Washing Machine, Cleaning of oily areas of compressors
Oily zone cleaning of factory machines
Cleaning of greasy kitchens used in fast food and restaurants
Oil removal of oil plates of factories before painting
Internal seat, glass and floor cleaning
Joint cleaning of tiles after construction
Cleaning of industrial generators and air conditioners
Hygienic cleaning of toilets and bathrooms
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