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CAR CLEANING EQUIPMENT , After a long trip, your vehicle can accumulate lots of dust, dirt, grime, grease, and even splattered bugs. Eliminating all this mess and transforming the car into as good as new is not an easy job. For this reason, most car owners leave the task to the experts, known as car detailing professionals. Ever wondered how these auto detailing businesses manage to get the cars sparklingly clean unbelievably fast? The secret lies in the powerful, mobile car wash equipment they use. So, here is a closer look at the steam car wash equipment used by car detailing businesses.

CAR CLEANING EQUIPMENT, SCW – 01 Steam Car Wash® has been specifically designed to offer unmatched results in cleaning automobiles. To cater to the needs of international clients, this pressure washing equipment comes with a 15 Kw resistans. The basic aspects of this steam car wash machine include pressure levels of 15 bar, It ejects hot water at temperatures ranging from 140ºF to 180ºF and steam at temperatures as high as 180ºF.

CAR CLEANING EQUIPMENT,  The heavy-duty stainless steel heater exchange coils and the rugged 15 Kw resistans this steam pressure washer enable it to generate consistent pressure levels and temperatures for an extended period. The steam car wash machine is also highly durable, due to the rugged housing made of powder-coated, chip-resistant steel. For enhanced cleaning results, mobile car wash equipment, such as the Super SCW-01 feature 4 adet detailing wand.

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Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine

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