Car Washing Machine

Car Washing Machine

  • Car Washing Machine

Car washing machine, Ceramic Piston, pump motor coupling system, European pump, low electricity and water consumption is efficient professional machine.

Practical and easy to use, can be set to desired water pressure. Car Washing Machine

In the absence of electricity, DHC series (motor-driven) Diesel-powered high-pressure machines can be used

High pressure water jets, which are generally known as car washing machines or car washers, are the most important machines of car washing companies.

High-pressure washers used by car washing companies as car washers are generally 250 bar car wash machines.
Generally, 250-300 bar car washing machines, are preferred for heavy duty machines such as washing machine and large vehicle washing.

As a car cleaning and car wash machine
Poultry house cleaning
Construction machine cleaning
Sidewalk, road etc. area cleaning
Cleaning the garbage container
Event and accident location after cleaning
Equipment and machine cleaning
Workshop cleaning
Exterior cleaning
Service workshop cleaning
Facade cleaning
Swimming pool cleaning
Cleaning of sports facilities
Cleaning of production facilities
Wet blasting with blasting (boat, ship, trailer, car paint scraping) is widely used and high performance is taken.
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