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Pressure steam washing equipment

Pressure steam washing equipment

SCW MACHINE  Pressure steam washing equipment, SCW-01, SCW-02, SCW-03, SCW-04 are specially designed to provide unmatched results in car cleaning. To meet the requirements of the customers, these Pressure steam washing equipment;
SCW-04; 10 liters
SCW-03; 15 liters
SCW-02; 23 liters
SCW-01; 33 liters
tank capacity.
To meet the requirements of international customers, these Pressure steam washing equipment;
SCW-04 220 volt
SCW-03 220 volt
SCW-02 380 volt
SCW-01 380 volt
has an electrical structure.
The basic features of SCW MACHINE Pressure steam washing equipment are 8 bar – 15 bar pressure levels;
SCW-04: 8 Bars
SCW-03: 8 Bars – 8 Bars
SCW-02: 8 Bars – 8 Bars – 15 Bars
SCW-01: 8 Bars – 8 Bars – 15 Bars – 15 Bars
It has damp steam and dry steam feature.
It draws steam at temperatures ranging from 110º to 170º.
SCW-04 110º-140º
SCW-03 110º-140º
SCW-02 120º-170º
SCW-01 120º-170º

The steam car wash machine is very durable thanks to its robust body made of powder-coated, chip-resistant steel. The leakage current used in the machines is extremely reliable. The electrical system used is a system that does not fail at all.


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