Steam car wash machine 

Scw-steam washing machines

Scw-steam washing machines

Today we’ll talk about the advantages of washing a steam car, how it works, how it works, a steam car wash.

First, consider how to do this car wash. There are steam generators for implementation. This equipment heats the water to 180 degrees C and degasses it (steam). This steam is supplied to the gun under pressure (about 15 bar). Steam is applied to the surface of the car with the help of this gun.
It is stated that the steam penetrates the structure of the dirt better and destroys it from the inside, ie the dirt remains just behind the surface. In addition, the steam easily penetrates all cracks, cleans all contamination. High temperature, in addition to dirt, causes all oil deposits to be destroyed and the surface is completely lubricated. When the steam body washing process is often used, a microfiber cloth is also used, which allows you to completely remove the dirt from the surface. At the same time, this kind of cleansing gives them the first shine by eliminating the chrome-plated elements. Steam washing does not require the use of chemicals in practice. And only with strong contamination (anti-corrosion treatment traces, bitumen, resin) may require the use of cleaning products. This washing method is carried out manually, which ensures high quality cleaning of the body surface. It can be longer than time with ordinary water wash under pressure, but steam cleaning can easily remove dirt from the hardest to reach places. After all work, the body is allowed to be polished to keep the surface of the car clean for longer. The high temperature of the steam disinfects the surface without using cleaning agent. For this reason, it is safe to clean the interior with Scw-steam washing machines, do not cause an allergic reaction, disinfect the surface, neutralize odors.

Although the steam is fed under large pressure, it cannot damage the surfaces due to its gaseous state.

Due to this feature, the Scw-steam washing machines perfectly cope with the cleanliness of the power plant. It does not require the preparation of the motor for the protection of the cables during operation. The steam cannot damage the cable and its high cleaning properties can be used to trace dust, dirt, fuel and lubricant traces, etc. Cleans easily from the motor surface. In the end, the engine will look like a new one completely free of dirt. In this case, the steam does not dampen the contacts that occur when washing with water. The vehicle can be operated immediately after cleaning. Subsequent treatment of the engine with preservatives will ensure the long-term cleaning of power plant surfaces and auxiliary equipment.


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