Steam Car Cleaning

Steam car washing

Steam car washing 

SCW Steam car washing machine is used to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle.
For years, steam has been used for its efficiency and sterilization power has become an important element in the cleaning industry worldwide.
The car cleaning machine uses steam at 180 ° C for washing cars and vehicles, where no chemical is used in the cleaning process.
Removes both stains and kills bacteria inside the engine and inside the car.
In addition, cleaning the exterior of the vehicles using the steam washing machine leaves the outside surface very clean and gives it a bright luster.
Which makes the owners of these vehicles fully satisfied with the result of cleaning.
The eco-friendly Scw Steam machine is the best choice for steam car washing.
A commercially available other wash machines can not do the cleaning of any place, concentrated, dry dirt without chemical cleaning from bottom to tip.
Now that new model cars with engine control unit (ECU) have many electronics in the engine compartment, where cleaning these parts should not be done using high pressure water.
Cleaning with Steam car washing machine most important features that it is used to clean the motor area with especial apparatus because of the high temperature of the steam make it so easy to clean the greases.
Too much dust, dirt, mud accumulating tires can be easily cleaned without using harsh chemicals.
The fuel tank is always slightly lubricated due to flowing fuel when installing and removing the fuel dispenser in the fuel tank. After a while it becomes dirty and oily. Steam easily removes oil without damaging the paint.
Cleaning with steam car washing machine provides hygienic, easy, harmless and quality cleaning and reducing chemical cleaning material, water and electricity consumption.


Three Hoses Steam Washing Machine

  • In this machine, there are 3 hoses 2 of them are internal 7.5 bar and 1 external 15 Bar hose.
  • The machine operates using industrial electricity 3 phase (380 volts).
  • Water tank capacity of the machine is 23 liters.
  • The external frame of the machine is 10mm thick steel chrome.
  • All electrical equipment used in the machines is Siemens.
  • 24 Wolt leakage current relays are used in the steam machine.
  • Two of the hoses are 7.5 bar where one of the hose’s pressure can be adjusted and reduced to 3 bar for warm steam and can be used to clean the sensitive parts of the car like the sensitive ceiling and the dashboard. Where the other one is used to clean the seats, ceiling, gloves box, plastic parts, car side seals, windows, wheels, and mirrors.

The other external hose with a pressure of 15 bar is used to clean the external frame.

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