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Car Wash Machine  – Steam Car Wash Machine

Now we have to take into account the cracks that are gradually forming in the eco system in the world. We should get away from chemicals, leave the diesel system aside and meet the steam car wash machine. First of all, we shouldn’t waste too much water. Because now it’s time to save water. Our company designed a machine by creating all the balances and turning the disadvantages of car washes into an advantage for you. Steam Car Washing Machine is a hygienic system where you can use less water, save electricity, do not need chemicals and cannot be achieved with water washing.

Imitations of our Steam Car Washing Machine, our Model Registered and “CE” Certified product, are out on the market. The company that produces the imitation and our customers who use our machine know that the quality of the materials and the efficiency of the machine in the inner case of our machine, which is likened as an outer casing, cannot be found in the same category with the machine we produce. honored it. But there is something they forgot, no company can produce the same product that is registered. Necessary warnings have been sent to the necessary places. Imitations keep the original alive. Thanks. SCW MACHINE

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JBS Makina – Meet the Car Wash Machine

  • Dear Valued Customers!
    Since 2010, our company has been producing and selling Car Wash Machines and Steam Car Wash Machines with CE certificates. For many years, we are the leader of the sector with the benefit, durability and satisfaction of our customers.
    Some of the companies that made production without passing any state control obtained from new names made bad comments about our company
    Our company is engaged in manufacturing with a single CE certification in Turkey, you are responsible to make a statement to customers.
    Dry Car Wash Machines, Scw-01 Scw-02 Scw-3 Scw-04 Scw-05 code steam car wash machines are manufactured by our company. We have to promise to our valued customers that the sector is not waiting, it is untrustworthy, it does not respect the words of the baseless words because quality is never a coincidence.
    Thank you for choosing us and our machines and you are always behind us. SCW MACHINE
    To buy a product by just looking at the price, you should accept some tricks in advance!
    Steam Car Washing Machine Considerations
    * Dry Car Wash Machines, the quality (stainless) and thickness of the materials used (if the material is fine and quality, the risk of explosion is low.)
    * Dry Car Washing Machines, Electric equipment brand used in the machine (Chinese materials do not withstand heat)
    * Are the safety valves resistant to pressure? (If the material is not made of steel, it causes vapor entrapment. It bypasses steam.)
    * Do not count the number of guns of the machine. The important thing is that weapons can operate simultaneously. If KW is low, you will not be able to use the specified weapons at the same time.
    * According to the machine liters, the thickness of the material used in the machine, the number of electric kw and pistol varies.
    • Never take 10 bar of vapor pressure from 220 Kw electric machines. The largest KW of 220 electric machines is 5 KW. The pressure from the 5 KW machine does not exceed 7.5 bar and 120 degrees Celsius. This type of machine is weak in engine cleaning and external washing of the vehicle.
    * There is no vacuuming feature in high pressure steam machines. Because the machine has a high temperature, it causes the broom to burn. Vacuum machines have low steam temperature and pressure. You have fewer chances than the performance of the machines because it is so low.
    * Steam machines (applicable to every product) cannot achieve low-quality and low-performance machines.
    * Some companies say they are producers in the market. Susuz Car Wash Machines, all machines are produced by themselves say. Please ask for the CE certification, ISO certification from the companies you meet.
    * You cannot use the warranty for products without CE certification.

Who is SCW Makina?

Our company, our company SCW Makina is a company that has proven itself with its references and machines. We are the only CE Certified manufacturer of Steam Car Washing Machine, which is now preferred by all over the world. Our products include Steam Car Wash Machine, Car Wash Machines, Hot Air Genset, Foam Tanks and Carpet Squeezing Machines. Wet-dry brooms, Carpet-seat washing machines, Carpet washing machines and Air compressors are authorized as SCW Machinery company. Ironing manufacturers are starting to produce steam engines, but there are some things they don’t think about. What will be the risk of explosion? When you say 15 bar up to 5 bar, will the user not understand? CE certificate, you say, the steam boiler irons to the image without paying attention to the iron can be presented. What you should look at in the CE document is whether you have written “Steam Car Wash Machine CE. We condemn companies that have lost their reputation for money. Steam Car Washing Machine even if you can even rinse the hair is everything you’re doing okay, but please do your repairs and we recommend that you stand behind your customers. Because we no longer explain to people who say that they are bursted, rotten or that does not give enough steam. We have a dynamic and flexible production understanding, sales, marketing and technical support organization as well as a wide range of products, personal and corporate needs, our company produces the most accurate and economic solutions It has the quality certificates and strong references with taşımaktadır.uluslarara in areas rightful pride and responsibility of being a leader in the industry, we have demonstrated our successful products, our service and quality, the largest in rapidly growing companies in the outstanding success our staff machinery sector to take place among the leading companies in Turkey our company The conformity of the legal regulations and the trademark registration documents have been registered with the quality conformity documents.

  • Steam Car Wash Machines

    Steam car wash machine is a solution for the protection of water and environmental resources, deodorization and sterilization without chemicals.

  • Machine de lavage de voiture à vapeur

    Machine de lavage de voiture à vapeur,  industrielle machine à vapeur, qui a fait son premier single production CE en Turquie est le fer de lance de l’industrie.

  • steam car wash systems

    Steam Car Wash Machine. A hygienic system where you can use less water, save electricity, no need for chemicals and cannot be obtained by wet washing. It should be noted that the production of steam car washes is itself a RISK

  • Vapor car wash machine

    Since 2010, we have been manufacturing and selling Vapor car wash machine with CE certificates owned by our company. For many years, we have been the leader in the sector with the usefulness, durability and satisfaction of our customers.

  • Steam car wash machine business

    Steam car wash machine business, is a steam vehicle washing machine which can only be used with water vapor cleaning and can be used as a disinfectant. In addition to steam, hot water washing is also available. It is used for cleaning the surfaces covered with fabric such as carpet, sofa, chair, bed, sofa.

                 Steam car wash machine

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